Hello. If you’re reading this, then you might have asked me over social media for advice as to how to get into the creative industries.

First of all: I’m sorry! The world is in an odd place right now and it sucks that you’re in the dawn of something as…

Some Very Small Things I Miss About The Outside

  • Going to Nandos with friends. But not just going to Nandos with friends, but that tiny bit where one of you decides what they want to order and goes up to pay… only to circle back seconds later with a “I…

Photo via Ric Flair on Instagram

The 16 time world champion is currently in recovery after a bout of recent surgeries. Here’s how the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” help bring about the hype and bluster of modern sports.

One summer in the 1961, a young boxer wanted to get tips on how to improve his…

(via Sony Pictures Animation)

The Emoji Movie is not a “good” film. You already knew that. It’s sitting on 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. You’ve probably already seen a trailer for it. It’s a grab bag of surface level pop culture references, slapstick humour and James Corden doing that annoying thing he does. …

I found this format on the excellent wrestling blog Tape Machines Are Rolling — which I highly recommend.

What got you into wrestling?

As a kid, because everyone was into wrestling. I didn’t drop out of wrestling because I found out it was fake, but because I put my brother in the Angle Lock when I was a kid and my mum banned it in the house.


CN: Mental Health, Depression, Suicide.

Photo via Rowan Neal on Unsplash

“Hold? I’m legitimately being put on hold on a helpline?”

“You are position 1 in the queue. I bet they tell that to everyone.”

“I need a pen. I need a pen and paper in case things get bad.”

“Fucks sake there’s never a pen in this house when you…

Legend had it there was a black cab rank by Kings Cross that housed an arcade machine that the best gamers in London would use. We tried investigating with… varied results.

This article first appeared in Loading Bar’s new revamped print magazine. Loading Bar is London’s premiere video game bar and hosting destination, with outlets in Dalston and Stratford. Head on in for board games, bar shots and Bomberman in their video game basement.

Street Fighter II was one of the…

It’s not my job to be your Black culture vessel.

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

It’s the summer of 2015, and I’m struggling to get a piece over the line during a writing fellowship at a well-known website. I’m struggling due to several reasons, but the long and short of it is, I’m not very good at this role. I’m not good at asking for…

Photo via Ken Lawrence on Unsplash

“Buying gifts for men is easy. You either get them LEGO, booze or socks. Failing that, just get them a bigger watch than the one they’re currently wearing.”

I’ve worn a watch since the age of nine, wearing the Casio “Terrorist Watch” F-91W to my first day of new school…

Image via MTV

(Disclaimer: While I realise this may be odd publishing a story like this the day after Valentine’s, it is because I am a slovenly man — I originally wrote up the first draft of this back in May 2016. I just needed to be reminded it was sitting in my…

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